Values & Principles

I do 100% of the work myself. I do not use automated tools or outsource any work. When you choose to work with me, you can be confident that you will always be speaking with the person who is actually working in your account, not an account manager that doesn’t know the reality of your campaigns. This limits the number of clients I can take on but guarantees each client a personal, hands-on management experience.

I do not require any minimum length of commitment as I want clients to continue working with me because they are happy with the results, not because they are contractually obligated to. In most cases though I do recommend that clients give the process three months to work before making decisions about the success of the program.

I charge a flat monthly fee based on the amount of work required, not on how much you spend. Most agencies will charge a percentage of spend. I feel that fees should reflect the amount of work actually being done, not the amount of money being spent. At the beginning of an engagement, I work with each client to determine their unique goals, determine how much effort it will take to meet those needs, and commit to a flat monthly fee that supports the time required to meet the goals.

I specialize in PPC so I can offer my clients the best service possible. I do not offer design, SEO, web development, or other marketing services.  However, I am knowledgable in all aspects of internet marketing so I can coordinate with your other providers to create efficiency and synergy within your marketing strategy.

I operate under the principle that you are the expert in your business and I am the expert at PPC. I will rely on you to guide me as I learn about your unique company, goals, and needs. In turn, I will educate you about pay-per-click advertising, the strategies I employ, and how we can work together to meet your goals.

If you’re ready to have PPC work for you, contact me today.