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Marketing works best when the strategy is streamlined across all customer touch points. That’s difficult (if not impossible) when there are multiple agencies and consultants each handling one piece of the puzzle. In many cases, each consultant will compete to make their channel look like its outperforming the others rather than working as a team with the other consultants.

This results in tunnel vision on individual sales channels, a lack of coordination across departments, and a disconnected marketing strategy leading to lower revenue for your business.

One solution is to have a CMO or Marketing Director that can oversee every detail of every marketing channel and coordinate communication with each consultant. That’s a full time job on its own, and most marketing executives have too much on their plate to micromanage multiple agencies.


Option 1: Full Service

Consolidate your services with me. I will operate as a true member of your team, get to know the intricate details of how your business operates, and execute a cohesive marketing strategy across all channels to maximize your growth.

Option 2: Hybrid

If you already have team members or consultants that are meeting your expectations for some marketing channels, I can work with them while building up the channels you do need help with. No competition, no taking credit for the work they’ve done. Just cohesive, cooperative marketing to achieve your goals.

Option 3: Just Getting Started

If you’re just getting started, I’ll work with you on prioritizing the most important channels given your business goals and budget. As we get each channel performing well, we can expand your marketing strategy.


Advertising Strategy

Ad strategy has changed significantly over the last decade years. Automation has increased and each platform has become more complicated. Working with someone that has been running successful campaigns through every change will give you an advantage.

PDP Optimization

Small changes to product detail pages can have a big impact. If your site is hosted on Shopify, I can build optimized product page templates and write new product copy to increase conversion rate.


Understanding how and why your business is growing (or not) is vital to longterm success. I can set up easy to understand reports in platforms such as Google Analytics, Data Studio, and Shopify and help you understand what the data means so you feel in control.


Content Development

Once you get a potential customer to your website, your content has to work hard to convert them. Incomplete product information, lackluster descriptions, and unpersuasive language can cause potential customers to buy from your competitors instead.

Amazon Optimization

Amazon is a great channel for re-engaging existing customers and finding new ones. Amazon ad campaigns, A+ Content development, social posts, and content optimization all need to work together to achieve the brand goals – on and off Amazon.


Your email list should be a revenue generating powerhouse but, if you’re like many businesses, you aren’t doing as much as you could be with this channel. Aligning your email strategy with your social media calendar and ad campaigns can drastically increase revenue.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Most marketing agencies will assign an account manager to speak with you, a strategist to decide what campaigns you need, and an entry-level person to implement the strategy. You never get to speak to the person actually doing the work so they never fully understand your business and it takes three times as long to get anything done. To top it off, you’re paying a premium rate to cover all those salaries.

When you work with me, you will always speak directly to the person actually doing the work saving you time, money, and frustration

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Send me brief details about what you need help with using the form below. I’ll reach out to set up a time to chat on the phone to see if we’re a good fit for each other. If we’re not, I will try to connect you with someone who will be a better fit.